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Plastic Spiral Recycling.

It is clear that we use many plastic objects in our daily lives, whether at work, at home, in sporting activities, or even when we need medical care.

Plastics reflect our current lifestyle: dynamism, lightness, versatility, scientific advances, concern for the environment and energy saving.

We value the usefulness of plastic materials but we should also be concerned about the need and opportunity to consume responsibly and recycle plastics when they become waste.


Learn about the manufacture of recycled plastic spirals

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Graph We do not generate waste

We do not generate waste.

We turn our waste into spirals

At MKM we have modified our production chain, incorporating mechanical recycling equipment which, together with the supply of recycled chippings, allows us to reuse the plastic waste generated in the different manufacturing processes as recycled raw material.

We manufacture recycled spirals.

We manufacture plastic spirals from recycled raw material

Contributing to a sustainable circular economy that supports the viability of limited available resources, thus reducing the extraction of materials by extractive methods.

Graphic we manufacture recycled spirals
Graphic We work together to recycle

We work together to recycle.

We collaborate with our customers to recycle their wastage

MKM is exploring commercial partnerships for the recovery of plastics from different sources such as publishers, bookbinderies, printing houses, etc.

We need society to contribute to plastic recycling efforts.

We need society to contribute to plastic recycling efforts.

To do this, it is necessary that all our waste, and in this specific case, plastics, be deposited in the corresponding container.

In Spain there are 300,000 plastic containers, covering 93% of the population.

Small individual and collective actions will reinforce the concept of social environmentalism.

If we all work together we can make a better world.

Graphic We recycle too
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Complete cycle of recycling of plastic spiral.

The growth strategy of MKM, based on the creation of value through sustainability and commitment to improving the quality of life, means that our company's efforts are moving towards the circular economy.

Putting products or materials that would otherwise have reached the end of their life cycle to new use.

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